New Prototype Fire Station Approved by Commission

In an article published by The Ledger, Polk County Commissioners approved a 10-year agreement with The Lunz Group to create a prototype for future fire stations in the county. Over the term of the agreement, Polk County plans to design and build 13 new fire stations throughout the county, serving local communities through increased fire services.

The Lunz Group is working with an impressive team of consultants to design the initial prototype. Our team partnered with industry leader Stewart-Cooper-Newell Architects, who are providing their design expertise as it relates to firefighter personnel health, safety and wellness. President/Principal Kenneth C. Newell, AIA, LEED AP BD+C, has earned a respected reputation as a national expert in fire station and public safety design. Ken brings his expertise in designing over 275 of his firm’s 350+ Fire/EMS and Public Safety projects.

The Lunz Group was selected to design the county’s first prototype fire station about 15 years ago. Eight prototype fire stations have the older prototype station, including the Cottonwood, Saddle Creek and Peace Creek stations. This agreement looks to redesign the current prototype and incorporate several elements of firefighter health and safety. Some of the current trends we look forward to designing for include addressing hot zones and PTSD of firefighting personnel.

The first newly designed station is expected to open in about 18 months off Kathleen Road south of Duff Road, replacing the current Sleepy Hill Road fire station. For the full article, click here.