Tiny Homes Set to Make a Big Impact on Lakeland’s Vets

The Pride of Lakeland

Recently, the Lakeland Housing Authority (LHA) received an award from The Florida Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials for being the “Housing Authority of the Year” for their outstanding contributions to a Florida community.  After proudly working with the LHA for nearly two decades, The Lunz Group is proud to see them get acknowledgement for their efforts.  From their ongoing rejuvenation of senior housing along Lake Beulah to their patriotic new senior cottages at Williamstown, the LHA puts their effort into improving the lives of Lakeland’s most vulnerable citizens.  In honor of their latest accomplishments, The Lunz Group would like to highlight a project that shows the excellence LHA brings into our community.

Tiny Houses for a Big Change

Both the LHA and The Lunz Group is focused on bringing public housing solutions that both look beautiful and have a beautiful impact on our community.  Williamstown represents the LHA’s first foray into affordable housing communities in nearly 10 years, bringing an adaptation of the “Tiny House” movement to the city in the form of a 48-unit bungalow community for veterans and seniors aged 62 and older.   The bungalows are deceptively spacious, utilizing 550 S.F. of open floor plan to integrate ADA-Standard appliances into a multi-functioning, customizable living space.

The “Old Florida” bungalow cottages surround a centralized clubhouse offering community amenities such as bus shuttles, ADA laundry facilities, as well as various food and health programs offered to residents.  These services make Williamstown Lakeland’s first comprehensive adult life care facility.   To create a safer, more pedestrian-friendly community, individual driveways were omitted in lieu of centralized parking, allowing for safer walkways, easy access to public transportation, and a more engaging social environment to build a neighborhood culture. These tree-lined walkways, when combined with a charming front porch on each unit, cultivate a healthy and vibrant community.

Community Building through Affordable Housing

Lakeland’s economic vitality is only bolstered by attractive affordable housing options because it helps Lakeland’s citizens progress up the ladder of economic opportunity.  Taxes, insurance, maintenance and repairs on top of medical bills can jeopardize a senior’s ability to keep up with housing costs, leaving few affordable options for those forced out of their home.  Through the hard work of the LHA to secure HUD funding and affordable tax credits, Williamstown’s total tenant payment (TTP) will be no more than 30% of the total household income.  By giving low-income residents a path to property ownership, the LHA is offering stability, opportunity, and a place they can take pride in.

Congratulations to the LHA!

We once again want to congratulate LHA on their newest award. The excellence they bring to our community is truly inspiring, and we are proud to be involved in any of their accomplishments.