Designers Speak on Professional Life After Architecture School, ARE at YAF Tampa

On February 24, 2022, YAF Tampa Bay and USF SACD hosted a special lecture event featuring The Lunz Group’s own Nicky Pereda, Assoc. Director for YAF Tampa Bay, Emily Breheny and Brittany Prevatt.

The lecture covered steps to licensure, details about AXP and the ARE, and the transition from school to the profession as well as the value of licensure. Each of our designers spoke about their “day in the life” experiences, types of projects they work on, what they love about their jobs and gave some tips on what to expect for soon-to-be architecture grads.

“Start building your professional portfolio,” was Pereda’s overarching suggestion to students. “Start your portfolio and Linkedin now to show off your creative work, stay in touch with professors and peers, and engage in local organizations, like AIA.”

The presentation focused on Architecture Registration Exam, or A.R.E., and gave an overview at a high level for what future test takers could expect. The team even ran through some sample exam questions to engage the audience.

Emily Breheny shared that her best piece of advice was engagement early on.¬†“Get involved with local architecture firms,” said Breheny. “Especially during the summer. Learn as many programs as you can now and become fluent in them.”

The team also gave suggestions on ways students can begin preparing for the A.R.E. during school, such as logging AXP hours (if eligible), study tools and materials and more.

Brittany Prevatt focused on exam preparation. “Be sure to pay attention and read the contracts for Professional Practice 1 and 2,” she says. “Invest in study tools such as the AHPP handbook, flashcards, or other resources. Make sure you’re reviewing what books are suggest versus requirements for classes to see if these books can be repurposed for study material. Read, take notes and ask lots of questions!”