The Lunz Group Partners with kidsPACK to Support Local Schools

The Lunz Group recently partnered with kidsPACK, a local non-profit organization that focuses on building community through preparing backpacks of nutritious foods to disadvantaged children in Polk County and beyond. By partnering with 13 churches and 17 corporate organizations, kidsPACK is able to provide students with weekend meals in 70 Polk County schools.  

Hearing about this initiative and eager to get involved, The Lunz Group collected donations during July and August for a total of almost 1,000 food items. On August 11, Lunz team members were given the opportunity to step away from their desks for an afternoon and package 500 meals alongside Amy Royal, the Program Manager of kidsPACK. 

KidsPACK’s mission is to improve the lives and restore a basic level of dignity for less fortunate children in Polk County. KidsPACK is based on one simple principle: action,” said Royal.  

With The Lunz Group heavily rooted in six Core Values, the collaboration was organic. Sarah Giles, Human Resources for The Lunz Group, shares her experience organizing the event and how The Lunz Group’s Core Values align with the mission of kidsPACK.  

“Our mission is cultivating communities. KidsPACK’s purpose of energizing the local community to impact the lives of children aligns nicely with initiatives we are involved with,” said Giles. “I love seeing people come together and step away from their desks for a bigger purpose. Everyone has busy schedules and tight deadlines, but all those who participated made a choice to give their time, and inevitably had fun in the process.” 

Employees from The Lunz Group and The Apiary spent the afternoon counting, packaging and wrapping meals to be delivered to local students. Georgia Lynn Dean, Graphic Designer for The Apiary, shares her thoughts on the experience.  

“I’m really impressed by how our team was able to show up, in both donations and time. It was great that Sarah was able to see this need in our community and help leverage our collective resources to do something to be part of a solution. It inspired me as both a citizen and an employee to see where I can be of assistance to my community. It didn’t hurt that it included Mayday Ice Cream!” 

With multiple pallets of food to pack, team members wasted no time jumping into an assembly-line style. Also in attendance packing was Michael Porter, an Architect for The Lunz Group. Porter shares his favorite part of the afternoon. 

“Seeing the pallet of food getting smaller and smaller as we packed became a great motivator for completing the task,” said Porter.  

The Lunz Group is proud of this partnership and hopes to continue to support the community through initiatives like kidsPACK. Giles shares insight into continuing the partnership for years to come. 

“We always try to support the youth in our community through a back-to school initiative each year. So, yes, I anticipate a long-term partnership with kidsPACK in the future,” said Giles.