Q&A with Our Themed Entertainment Team

Meet the Celebration Team 

Based out of our Celebration Studio, our Themed Entertainment team adds creative muscle that expands The Lunz Groups’ service area and range of competencies. The team is led by Principal / Shareholder Tim Wagoner, AIA, NCARB, whose vast experience covers all types of commercial projects with emphasis on Themed Entertainment and Higher Education. Not only do they bring value to our clients through their innovative solutions, they deliver expert designs  that are on time, on budget, with the wow factor our Themed Entertainment clients have come to expect.

While the individual team members in Celebration come from a multitude of disciplines and backgrounds, the common thread is that they’re all experts in their field – and bring a little personality to their work, as well! From mountain biking to furry friends and more, we asked each of them to tell us a little about themselves to help you get to know them better.

Tim Wagoner

  • Celebration Team Role:  Principal / Shareholder
  • Studied at: University of Florida | Masters of Architecture
  • Gets Excited About: the process of design
  • Started in Themed Entertainment Design Because: It was a challenge
  • Dream Project: To design an entire theme park
  • Advice for Aspiring Themed Entertainment Designers: Become a good architect and apply those skills to Themed Entertainment.
  • Wants Everyone to Know: I love the outdoors from the comfort of my RV to the saddle of my gravel or mountain bike.

Diana Chase

  • Celebration Team Role:  Senior Project Architect
  • Studied at: Villa Maria College of Buffalo | Interior Design State;  University of New York at Buffalo | Architecture
  • Gets Excited About: Opening parties!
  • Got Started in Themed Entertainment Because: I was assigned a themed entertainment project several years back, and it became my passion.
  • Dream Project: Themed restaurants. These projects are both challenging and rewarding. I love to blend architecture, interior design, and themed elements and integrate them with the client’s requirements, menu, and branding.
  • Would Choose to Spend a Day in a Park as: Stormtrooper! I’d actually consider taking it on as a part-time job.
  • Pets: Dogs….always dogs. I have a 3-year-old Chihuahua/Jack Russel mix named Ace. He is named after Ace Frehley from KISS, because he looks like he has KISS makeup on.
  • Wants Everyone to Know: My birthday is on Halloween, and I have always loved designing and making costumes.  It’s something I will never grow out of. One of my favorite costumes was “Lady KISS,” four ladies dressed as KISS. We made everything, even our instruments. Being Gene Simmons for just one day was amazing. My gargoyle boots and axe bass guitar were legendary.

Miranda Crowe

  • Celebration Team Role:  Project Manager
  • Studied at: University of Florida | Masters in Architecture
  • Gets Excited About: Working closely with clients to understand their wants and needs for a space and helping them get there
  • Started in Themed Entertainment Design Because: I was lucky to grow up going to Disney and was beyond amazed that everything around me had been imagined, designed and constructed by other people. Jumping from that realization to the realization that designing theme parks was something I could potentially do as a “grown up” was mind bewildering and exhilarating.
  • Proud Project Moment: A new dining facility for Beacon College because the old dining hall, part of which had been built in 1923, was wall-to-wall with other older buildings. We faced a lot of unknowns but worked closely with our contractor to solve for unexpected conditions.
  • Dream Project: What we’ve been lucky enough to be part of with our current clients.
  • Pets: DOGS! I have a 3 year old Shetland Sheepdog named Cisco and a Yorkshire Terrier, 10, named Eliza. They both love coming into the Celebration office! 
  • Wants Everyone to Know: I love collecting Funko Pops!

Caterina Brazzoduro

  • Celebration Team Role:  Project Manager
  • Studied at: Simon Bolivar University | BA in Architecture 
  • Gets Excited About: I deeply believe that good design can not only influence, in a positive way the experience of people, but more importantly, promote the life quality and economic growth of an area.
  • Proud Project Moment: The Campbell City Tax Collector will always be special to me because it was the first project in the US that I was involved in from day one until the doors opened.
  • Dream Project: A project full of community involvement, big design gestures, and meaningful work that will bring a lot of joy to people in the community.
  • Currently Binging: I’m enjoying the “30X40 Design Workshop” account on youtube. The videos on this account are very beautifully put together, and they develop topics about design and the practice of architecture in a holistic way.
  • Roller Coasters or Slow Rides? Now that I have a one and a half year old baby, you would probably find me at a slow ride, but I was always a fast, crazy coaster type of person. Can’t wait for our baby girl to be old enough to join us to the coaster fun!
  • Wants Everyone to Know: I have already accomplished way more than what I expected when I left my country in 2014 with only two suitcases in hand and very little economic resources. I’m forever thankful to anyone that has decided to give a hand to this crazy Venezuelan with a thick accent pursuing her dreams.

Billy Miller

  • Celebration Team Role:  Project Manager
  • Studied at: Drury University | Masters of Architecture
  • Gets Excited About: the happiness guests will have once the project opens and they can explore it
  • Proud Project Moment: Prior to The Lunz Group, I got to work on Universal’s Epic Universe and Frozen Ever After. Seeing kids’ faces on opening day is something that I will never forget.
  • Dream Project: A theme park based on Playstation IPs
  • Would Choose to Spend a Day in a Park as: Spiderman
  • Pets: Dogs and tortoises
  • Wants Everyone to Know: I think we all have an obligation to try and make the world better during our lifetimes. I am blessed to be able to do that while doing something I absolutely love and working with likeminded people. I am constantly in the theme parks and see the joy that we all bring that will last for generations to come.