Lakeland Linder Becomes An International Airport with Clearance of First Border Crossing

Recently, the Ledger wrote an article highlighting the first time Lakeland Linder cleared its US border crossing during the opening of its brand-new Customs facility, designed by The Lunz Group. The facility was originally an old hangar that was completely renovated into a fully-funcitoning customs and border facility for the Lakeland Linder airport. Design work included exterior repairs, window upgrades, ADA compliance, upgrades to fire sprinkler, mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems, and interior renovations including ceiling, wall and floor finishes – among much more. The overall design was crucial to turning Lakeland Linder Regional Airport into an international one during its inaugural border crossing on November 16, 2017.

According to the article, “Lakeland Linder can now accept flights of fewer than 20 passengers direct from overseas, the first step in a broader strategy to make Lakeland a destination for international visitors and freight.”

Read more about the history-making flight here.

Photography credit: Ernst Peters | The Ledger