“So Much to be Hopeful For”: Bradley Lunz on 2022 Economic Outlook

On January 13, 2022, more than 500 people gathered in person and virtually to hear the 2022 Economic Outlook at the 35th Annual Economic Forecast Breakfast, Presented by Allen & Company of Florida and the Lakeland Chamber of Commerce. Featuring Bradley Lunz of The Lunz Group, alongside a cast of community leaders such as Leah Hacker of Rebel, Seth McKeel of Southern Group, and more, we heard about how 2021 impacted our local businesses, where we are heading in 2022 and what opportunities we get to look forward to.

“The last two years have been interesting to say the least,” said Bradley Lunz. “You had to rely on your team and the social interactions to really create the resilient network. That’s the one thing that this community has – a strong sense of resiliency.”

Our job is to be as economic engine for our local economy and that’s really where our vision lies, Lunz said. While headquartered in Lakeland, Florida, we have offices throughout Central Florida including Celebration, Melbourne and most recently, our expansion into the Orlando market. Currently, we are working on projects throughout the nation including upstate New York. Washington DC and California. More importantly, we’ve completed work in 32 states throughout the nation – all from our home base in Central Florida. From team members working in Huntsville, Alabama serving Blue Origin’s Gas Rocket Facility, handling supply chain logistics at New Glenn Operations Facility, or opening a new creative services company on behalf of the organization, 2022 is bright for The Lunz Group.

“There is so much energy and excitement out there that we’re actually launching our own company based off of other people’s passions,” said Lunz. “Over the past year we’ve been looking at creative services, animation and visualization because we have so much talent. We are excited about this new endeavor – this new business. Having Central Florida, having Lakeland as a home base gives us the opportunity to grow safely, smartly and successfully.”

When we talk about economy, we often think about investing through a dollar value. Lunz encourages us to think beyond monetary and how we give back through time or talent to our local community.

“To me,” said Lunz, “and what we’ve driven our organization around, is our role which is to cultivate communities. Our guiding north star is to make our church group, our neighborhood, our city or our state, better than when we found it.”

Yet, “…. There’s a tremendous amount to be hopeful for,” said Lunz. “There are probably other ancillary reasons why we are doing well economically but to me, it’s the passions of our team. I know over the last two years we are all bound up and have this pent-up excitement, energy, and desire to explore and experience.”

Watch the full video featured at the 2022 Economic Breakfast below.