LPF Design Goes “Beyond Bricks and Mortar”

Nws-1203-SOBdonation-2-FLunz Prebor Fowler Architects is proud to support the growth and advancement of our clients. Recently, LPF assisted Saint Leo University through a charitable donation towards the construction of the Donald R. Tapia School of Business.

Dean Michael Nastanski states, “The new School of Business Building is visible evidence of our success and commitment to this generation and its benefits go well beyond the ‘bricks and mortar’.”

LPF believes in Saint Leo’s commitment to the future of education: It is our privilege to partner with them and have the opportunity to contribute to their continued success. Our goal in designing the space was to create an environment that would enhance learning, further student achievement, and incorporate innovative, interactive educational technology that would ensure future growth for the University.

LPF’s design delivers technologically advanced classrooms, flexible teaching spaces, and the incorporation of open/inviting spaces that will promote active learning and discussion that stimulates improvements in course work, content, and delivery.

The classrooms in the School of Business are the first to be constructed on-campus since 1964. These additional classrooms will not only accommodate rapidly increasing student and faculty needs, but also ultimately increase expectations of excellence at the University. State of the art education technology is seamlessly integrated in classrooms and seminar rooms-providing both students and staff with access to advanced learning tools. Bamboo panels warm the space, reflecting the sustainable nature of the building, and function as a place for mounting interactive two-four touch-screen Smartboards around the room. This allows faculty to teach from any location in the room and allows students to break out into groups while maintaining access to technology. Mobile seating and ample marker boards also encourage student interaction and collaboration.

Overall, LPF’s design of the New School of Business will positively impact Saint Leo’s faculty, staff, students and graduates for generations to come.