LPF Receives Cultural Arts Recognition Program Award

Lunz Prebor Fowlergroup shot was recently recognized at the 6th Annual Cultural Arts Recognition Program Awards Reception on behalf of Platform Art and the Polk Arts Alliance. LPF was chosen for their contributions as volunteers who have given many hours of their time, passion and hard work in support of the arts in our community. Below is an excerpt from the design awards presentation that highlights LPF’s contributions that led to receipt of this award.

“Lunz Prebor Fowler Architects is committed to the cultural growth of Lakeland and Polk County.  Principal architects and staff are extensively involved in a variety of service and cultural organizations, philanthropic efforts and regional boards.    Principals and interior designers for the firm have donated their expertise, time, and resources to organizations like Platform Art, the Polk Museum of Art, and Habitat for Humanity – at times providing professional design services and construction as well.  Lunz Prebor Fowler is the longest consecutive sponsor of Platform Art, supporting the organization since 2004 when it received non-profit status.   Principal, Ed Lunz, AIA sits on the Platform Art National Advisory Board; and Principal, Victor Prebor, AIA serves on the committee for Platform’s newest innovative, international program, Pecha Kucha. They have dedicated more than 1% of their revenue for annual contributions to regional nonprofits.  This commitment to our community represents a much higher goal than the industry standard.  Lunz Prebor Fowler Architects’ philanthropic efforts are exemplary.   The firm fully understands the value cultural organizations bring to the region including economic development, diversity and quality of life.   Members of the Lunz Prebor Fowler team serve as advisors and mentors to many organizations in our region.   Their vision for our community is clear, committed and sincere.   They have nurtured Platform Art and seen it grow from its humble beginnings as a grass roots arts organization to a sustainable partner and contributor to the vision and growth of our region – making Lakeland and Polk County a cultural destination in Central Florida.   Polk County appreciates Lunz Prebor Fowler for stimulating creativity and innovation and we thank them for their partnership in supporting cultural heritage and future growth.”