Lunz Principals Discuss Designing the Ultimate Playground for Peppa Pig and Friends

The University of Florida College of Design, Construction and Planning interviewed Principals (and former UF Grads) Steve Boyington, AIA, LEED AP, and Tim Wagoner, AIA, NCARB, on what it was like to design the world’s first-ever Peppa Pig Theme Park, coming soon to LEGOLAND® Florida Resort. Wagoner serves as the Principal in Charge on the project, and Boyington was involved in the early planning stages of the Peppa Pig Theme Park.

At The Lunz Group, Boyington helped start the Themed Entertainment studio in 2007. Through several years, his team has the opportunity to work with one of the largest names in themed entertainment globally on projects such as LEGOLAND Beach Retreat, LEGO MOVIE World, and more. Today, this studio operates out of our Celebration office and is expanding its capabilities to serve Themed Entertainment leaders in new and exciting ways.

“Architecture involves you studying engineering and the humanities,” he said. “Life is not a linear thing; it is made from connections between other things where the value is created.”

Today, the Themed Entertainment team is led by Wagoner. As a Principal Architect at The Lunz Group, Wagoner has practiced both themed entertainment design and higher education design for many years. For projects like the Peppa Pig Theme Park, guest experience is paramount, he said.

“We really helped bring it to life in this location,” said Wagoner, explaining his firm’s involvement after the park has already been envisioned. “I think the architectural side is to make it a reality do it is not just a cool drawing, but actually something we can build.”

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