Two New Polk County Fire Rescue Stations Open

Nws-1211-FireStationsSC-1-FSaddle Creek officially opened on December 7, 2011 with a small parade of firefighters and fire trucks lead by a bagpipe player. The ceremony also unveiled a commemorative plaque honoring firefighters who served as volunteers in the area.

The Cottonwood opening was held on December 13, 2011 with a similar ceremony.

A fire truck “cut” the ribbon in each ceremony by driving into the bay. A 5-inch hose was also uncoupled during the ceremonies to mark the official openings.

Lunz Prebor Fowler’s cost effective fire station prototype design is flexible enough to adapt to the budget and needs of an area, yet complete enough to incorporate all the necessities required. It is designed to fit both urban and residential neighborhoods.

The prototype is capable of housing both fire and emergency medical personnel and addresses the recent changes in building code as it relates to fire stations. The design incorporates living areas, offices, community meeting room and several apparatus bays. The apparatus bay and living modules are designed for expansion and flexibility, as the needs change over time.Nws-1211-FireStationsCW-3-F

Additionally, our in-house interior design team chooses standard finish materials for the stations that are durable and cost effective. They are now used in each new or renovated fire station completed by Lunz Prebor Fowler Architects.

Polk County will be building more fire stations in the upcoming year. The same prototype design will be utilized. Four Corners Fire Rescue Station will start construction after the first of the year.