Creating Community Awareness: Meet Aaron Adams

Meet Aaron

Aaron is a member of The Lunz Group’s Visualization Team at our downtown Lakeland Kentucky Avenue Office. Aaron received his Bachelors of Fine Art in Drawing, with a minor in Illustration from Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids, MI. He continued his education with Game Design at Savannah College of Art & Design. His day-to-day at The Lunz Group includes 3D visualization, working with architects and designers, creating visual output to serve our clients and creating animations. During his free time, Aaron enjoys playing and composing music (keyboards and synths), drawing/illustrating and playing video games.

Creating Community Awareness

Aaron was approached by local artists Gillian Fazio and Aaron Corbitt to collaborate on a mural in Lakeland based around the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement. The mural will emphasize unity, love + standing together as a community. Aaron joined forces with Fazio and Corbitt, along with local artists Kent McAllister, Chan Occena, Desirae Ofari and Meredith Pope.

Aaron was compelled to work with other artists in the community to get the Black Lives Matter message across to combat injustices faced by minorities.

“I see BLM as an important part of cultivating a future that is all inclusive, seeks out understanding and allows us to address the moral and ethical dilemmas we face as a county,” Aaron said.

Aaron’s desire to help get the BLM message out is what inspired him to become a part of the team, but the most exciting part? They’re looking for additional members of the Lakeland community to get involved to help complete the project! The team is requesting feedback from the community on what this mural should feature since it will permanently represent Lakeland and the city’s support for BLM.

Local artists are encouraged to get involved by sharing their concepts and perspectives, and anyone can submit his art for considerations via email to Aaron Corbitt. Local business owners willing to donate commercially visible wall space are encouraged to get involved in the community initiative by contacting Gillian Fazio. Financial donations will be applied directly to materials needs to create the mural and excess with be donated straight to BLM philanthropies.

“I think Killer Mike said it best when he said, ‘It isn’t just helping in the now – it is being a part of fixing it always,’” Aaron said.

If you live in the Lakeland area and are interested in getting involved with the
project, contact Aaron Corbitt @ or Gillian Fazio @

Click the link here to read more.

Aaron Adams

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Aaron Adams

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Aaron Adams