Supporting our Community During the COVID-19 Pandemic – Eden Konishi

Our employees have stepped up to assist our community, giving back in more ways than one. Lunz employee Eden Konishi has been making financial donations to charities, shopping local, making masks and helping elderly neighbors with getting groceries.

Eden is the Director of Operations at our Lake Morton Headquarters office. Early on, Eden made the decision to make masks for her immediate family when all the masks were sold out in the stores. She did research to ensure she was creating a mask that would be effective. Now, she has made around 40 masks for others. Eden has been making them in batches of 10, and whenever she gets a request for more masks, she makes another batch. The leftover masks in each batch are usually claimed quickly, and Eden has been surprised by how many requests she has received.

Eden finds it interesting that there are more men in the United States contracting the virus than women, and she wondered about it. Then she got a request from her daughter for a mask, and asked if her boyfriend needed one. Her daughter responded, “No, Matt is too manly to wear a mask!”

“This surprised me,” Eden said. “I lived in Asia off and on for 14 years combined, and there was never a question about whether or not wearing a mask was manly.”

Eden explained that everyone from all walks of life wear masks in Asia, because they live in such close proximity to one another. A virus is a virus, and anyone can be susceptible.

Supporting our Community

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Supporting our Community

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