Supporting our Community During the COVID-19 Pandemic – Maggie Briggs

Our employees have stepped up to assist our community, giving back in more ways than one. Lunz employee Maggie Briggs has helping package and pass out meals for the free & reduced lunch students in Pasco County.

Maggie, The Lunz Group’s Marketing Director, has been working with a group of volunteers to put together pre-packaged meals for students on free and reduced lunch programs. Her husband works at the school they are performing distributions at, and when he got an email that they were in need of volunteers, they jumped on it!

“At first, it was a great excuse to get out of the house, but during our time volunteering, we got to see how what we are doing is really serving a need in our community” Maggie said. “People were not greedy, or rude. In fact, everyone we met was overwhelmingly kind, appreciative and thankful for our help.”

Maggie and her husband have gone back several times to assist, and each time they love seeing the community come together to help each other get through these challenging times.

Maggie Briggs

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Maggie Briggs

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