Supporting our Community During the COVID-19 Pandemic – Shelley Beitzel

Our employees have stepped up to assist our community, giving back in more ways than one. Lunz employee Shelley Beitzel has been making masks for friends and community members.

Shelley, a Designer at our Lake Morton Office, loves crafting and wanted to find something to occupy her free time. A friend of hers who works at Target asked if she could make a mask, and this motivated Shelley to start sewing masks. So far, she is in the process of making 25 masks due to the amount of supplies available. Elastic is in high demand, so Shelley has been getting creative by using hair-ties and string for the straps. She has been giving the masks to anyone in need, including family members, friends, neighbors, hospital workers and even one of her high school teachers who reached out to her on Facebook.
Shelley was also inspired to make the masks after reading a daily email from Brad, The Lunz Group’s President. The email said, ‘This is the time to give. Give with no expectation of return. Also, helping someone else is the easiest way to combat our own fears and anxiety.”

“I found this true,” Shelley said. “By focusing on others, I don’t think about the conditions of the world right now. Brad’s inspirational email really resonated with me.”

On her first trip to Joanne Fabrics to purchase supplies, Shelley had to wait in a long line, as the store was only allowing 10 customers in at a time. Shelley waited nearly an hour and a half to get into the store but passed the time by pretending she was in line for a Disney ride.

Everyone who has received a mask from Shelley has been incredibly thankful and appreciative of her efforts. Our team members will continue making masks to donate where needed, but are willing to accept donations of elastic, fabric or ribbon.

Shelley Beitzel

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Shelley Beitzel

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